About Us

How it all began:
gse-logo-01Our company was established when the Owner, Dan Gilman, purchased a rural 10 acre Ranch that was not connected to the Utilities, and out of necessity started looking for ways to power the Ranch without having to run a Generator 24/7.  He had a difficult time finding reliable local companies that offered the products he needed, so as the saying goes: “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”, Dan decided that he would fill that need in the community.  Thus began the now 30 Years of Community Improvement, by offering what the public, especially in the High Desert, needed to be self-sufficient, or at least on their way to becoming energy independent. Dan began fabricating his own systems, and found the most cost efficient method of mounting solar.  He discovered that by creating frames that tilted throughout the year, that he was able to harvest much more power from his Solar System throughout the year, than when fixed at a given angle.  This led to his creation of balanced Seasonal Tilt Frames that when the time comes to tilt it for the season, it requires only one person to adjust it, and it is so simple that anyone would feel comfortable tilting the framework.  Now, his Seasonal Tilt Solar Systems can be seen throughout the Mojave Desert.  And it doesn’t stop there.
We offer a host of specialty services to cater to the unique needs of our clients, whether their goal is to lower their electric bills, erase their electric bills, or to be completely independent of the Electric Company. We offer our services to Residential, Commercial, Non-Profit, and Government agencies.  No job is too small when you go Solar!  Give yourself the peace of mind that comes with helping the environment while you help lower you electricity costs!