New Batteries

We stock only our Pre-Owned Line of Batteries, but we can order most brands including GNB, Hawker, Panasonic, just to name a few.  Contact-us if you are looking for a specific brand and let us quote you a price on it!

Pre-Owned Batteries

Our Pre-Owned Battery Line varies slightly from Month to Month. We have a contract with large telecommunication sites that have installed Batteries for a short time, and then have to move the site. They sell the almost brand new Batteries to us and we in turn get the opportunity to offer an amazing deal on good quality 1400-3000 Amp Hour Batteries. These Batteries have never been used in the sense that they have not been cycled down and recharged. They are float charged only in the event of power outages, so that you and I can continue to talk on our cell phones when the regular power has an outage. We purchase these batteries in large quantities, and upon selling the last of each shipment, we work with these large telecommunication sites to purchase the next shipment. By doing this, we are able to offer excellent warranties on Batteries that are in like new condition, and have saved our customers thousands of dollars. Please contact-us to see which Brands and Prices we can offer today……….and get ready to save!!

In stock at this time:

GNB Batteries – 12Volt Set 3000AH
GNB Batteries – 24Volt Set 3000AH
GNB Batteries – 48Volt Set 3000AH

Hawker – 12Volt Set 1500AH
Hawker – 24Volt Set 1500AH
Hawker – 48Volt Set 1500AH