New Inverters

We stock a variety of New Inverters with Brands that include:  Fonius, SMA, Xantrex, PV Powered, Enphase Energy, Outback, Aims, Magnum, etc.
For current Pricing and Availability please call!

Used Inverters

We usually will have a few inverters in stock that Customers have traded in to upgrade to a larger capacity one, or because they have upgraded their system size from a 12 to a 24V System, or from a 24 to a 48V System.  We offer trade-in Value on Inverters, and can provide the inverter you need now, instead of the one you have that is not large enough.

Normally we have at least one Xantrex DR2412 in stock for around $800 Used Price (New Price is $1100) and at least one Xantrex 5548 in stock for around $2900 Used Price (New Price is $3500)