Solar Panels-Modules

New Solar Modules
We sell a variety of New Modules including:  SunPower Corp, Sharp, Mitsubishi, Evergreen, UniSolar, Sanyo, Kaneka, Photon, SunWize, Global Solar, Kyocera, Solar World, REC, etc.
We have New Modules in Stock, so call for Prices and Availability now!

Used Solar Modules
Sometimes Customers move, sell items, upgrade, and you can benefit from this….

It means that we usually have a stock of Used Solar Modules, sometimes in large quantities, sometimes just one or two of a kind.

You can Always call for Availability!

Items we have in stock at time of publishing:

2 – Arco M55 – 55 Watt Solar Modules – Used – $250 Each
1 – SolarEx SX60 – 60 Watt Solar Module – Used – $240
1 – GE GEPV072 – 72 Watt Solar Module – Like New (Used) – $300
4 – Sun Electronics – 190 Watt Solar Modules – Blemished – $950 Each
16 – UniSolar – 64Watt “Unbreakable” Solar Modules – Used – $425 Each

NOTE:   We get Blems* all the time, and sell them at a $5 per watt price, so ask if we have any in stock, and SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!

* (Blemished- These modules have slight cosmetic damage, but the overall output of the modules is unaffected)